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David Ray Vance
Catherine Kasper

Editor Emeritus
Anna Rabinowitz

Cover Art
Rikki Ducornet
The Decay of Symbolic Logic (front)
Ur (center)
The Golden Embryo (back)

Karen Moon

Issue #21

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Special Feature
terra incognita

Rikki Ducornet

Illustrations For Borges’ Tlön, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius
The Tlönic Sphere and its Moons of Runes
The Decay of Symbolic Logic
The Golden Embryo
Uqbarian Moon Birth
The Frozen Sea
The Roots of Tlönic Time
Clouds (The Enigma of Memory)
Seed Syllables

Gretchen E. Henderson

from Galerie De Difformité

Justin Petropoulos

1.03 [Instead Of Saying Goodbye]
6.03 [But Still The Violets]
8.01 [Market Corrections]

Amy England

The World: A Slide Show [By The National Council Of Dream Safety In Conjunction With The National Bureau Of Scandinavian Tourism And Geologists United]

Jerry Mcguire
and Jesse Poimboeuf

I Saw Something Moving
Near Miss

Lily Brown

from Being One
(The Moon Creeps Up)
(The Dummy In The Bridge Game)
(The Theory Of Description Matters Most)
(The Grammatographer)

Dan Beachy-Quick


Randi Faust

Tribute To Slogan Joe

Poetry & Prose:
Jim Daniels
Johanna Drucker
Daniel Gutstein
Joseph Guyer
Donna Henderson
Christine Herzer
Virginie Lalucq
y madrone
Michael Martone
Jennifer Militello
Laura Mullen
Jean-Luc Nancy
B. Z. Niditch
Gillian Parrish
Michael C. Peterson
Chris Pusateri
Anna Rabinowitz
Elizabeth Robinson
Sean M. Rumschik
D. E. Steward
Michael Stewart
Caroline Sulzer
Katherine Thorpe
Tony Trigilio
Sally Van Doren
Joshua Ware
Joshua Marie Wilkinson
Mengyuan Xue
Elizabeth Zuba

terra incognita

For AL&C’s twenty-first issue we searched our submissions for texts and images that evoke Terra Incognita. Not works that simply transport the reader/viewer to another place, but ones that become places in and of themselves—unknown regions of poetic exploration, visual mappings of the unconscious, uncharted terrains of language. Where better to begin a journey through previously undocumented lands than with Rikki Ducornet’s drawings for Jorge Luis Borges’ famous story, Tlön, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius. Uqbar is a quintessential terra incognita, discovered at the “conjunction of a mirror and an encyclopedia,” and Rikki’s images call forth that world’s eerie beauty. From there, we tour Gretchen E. Henderson’s “Galerie de Difformité,” traverse Justin Petropoulos’ cityscape of automobile traffic and box kites, float (whale-like?) through the visual assemblages of Amy England’s dreamscapes, then wander the weird world that is Jerry McGuire’s sonorously surreal poems in conversation with Jesse Poimboeuf’s equally surreal collages. Finally, we enter strange landscapes with Lily Brown and Dan Beachy-Quick, and arrive at the uncanny near future where resides Randi Faust’s “Slogan Joe.” While the special feature ostensibly ends there, like most borders, this one is mutable, and so the journey continues. Many of the texts that follow take readers into unknown regions, not least Johanna Drucker’s “Embedment,” which invites us to engage typographical maps, not to mention Caroline Sulzer’s “Foreclosure,”
which sings an elegy for our own once uncharted and uncolonized world.

With this issue, we also announce that since our last issue, AL&C has itself moved into uncharted territory with the publication of Frank Rogaczewski’s The Fate of Humanity in Verse, our first-ever book publication. Frank’s poems have appeared in our pages several times, and we hope this publication will help bring his work the attention it so deserves. It’s been a gratifying journey, and we look forward to publishing more books in the future.

—Catherine Kasper and David Ray Vance