American Letters & Commentary #16

special feature
Writers and Artists Invent Another World

Becky Silverstein

David Michalek

Malinda Markham

Donald Revell

Lisa Jarnot

Christine Hume

Octavia Butler

Martin Weber

Jena Osman

Christian Hawkey

Olu Oguibe

Bin Ramke

Eric Darton


A Note on Collaboration

from Thirty-two Appearances of Echoes on Palace Grounds

Donald Revell Wine Instead of Whisky for Awhile

Future Poem

Explanation 21

The Book of Martha

Selections from A Map of Latin American Dreams

Aphetic Lexer Knot

This Living Condensery:
Selections from Aelian’s On the Characteristics of Animals

Letter from Prester John 62

He Wishes He Were Elsewhere, There

from Orogene

poetry and fiction

Brenda Hillman

Nathan Parker

Mark Irwin Joy

Laura Mullen

Debora Kuan

Amy Newman

Patricia Lockwood

Mary Cappello

Stan Mir

Fanny Howe

Daniel Borzutzky

Hermine Meinhard

Richard Meier

Jordan Davis

Richard Dokey

Stacie Cassarino

Srikanth Reddy

Cathy Park

Ato Williams

Heather A. Slomski

Robert Dannenberg

Deborah Reich

James Haug

Michael Kandel

Peter Jay Shippy

Felicia DuBois

Lara Glenum

Kirsten Kaschock

Robert V. Callaway

Harriet Zinnes

Eric Abbott

Aaron Anstett

Amy Beeder

Maureen N. McLane

Craig Morgan Teicher

Adam Golaski

Ben Doyle

Sketer Williams

Sandra Lim

Priscilla Long

Marithelma Costa

Pedro Pietri

Untitled Epyllions #1, 2, 3 and 5

The Paper Tanks


Model Train

Two Poems

To Assume an Expression of Disappointment:
His Face Fell

The Six-Fingered Church Organist

The Trees are Aflame

Moscow: Cherubs Renounce Your Gambling

Four Poems

Noun Clause

Two Poems

Bathing Cap (In the Dirt of Bibliomancy)

Lake Chair Air

Hemingway’s Leopard

Bird of Bone (At the Museum)

Two Poems

from Oral History of the Desert Guide:
The Ginseng Colony Years

My Shit 134

Two Short Fictions

Poem of Area and Persons

Two Poems

Gardner Exchange

Michael Kandel On Hold

French Film Blurred

Notes to The Haitian Poems of Madeleine du Plessix

A Treatise on the Affective Origins of Female
Hysteria & Schizophrenia (ca. 1880)

Two Poems

Community Standards on Drury Street

from Black Mandala

What Follows



Populating Heaven

Intimate Exercise

Listen to Music Often Listen’d to to Complicated Music


Forty Times

Ballad of the Last Chance

Happy Ending

In Memoriam: Pedro Pietri 194

telephone booth number 9051/2* 195


Becky Silverstein

David Michalek

Martin Weber

Randall Sellers

Matthew Ritchie

Donald Evans

Steve Budington

Journal Excerpts: Genesis Chapter One

Details of Becky’s Apartment

Selections from A Map of Latin American Dreams

Untitled Drawings

Snake Eyes
We Are Folded

My Bonnie

Rough Draft