American Letters & Commentary #15

special feature
Senses of Humor: Survival, Subversion, or Going for the Jocular

Eleanor Wilner

Jeanne Mackin

William Hogarth

Eric Darton

David Rees

Roz Chast

Bruce Benderson

Peter Blegvad

Ben Greenman

Ian Ganassi

Susan Wheeler

Comedy, Self and Otter

The Comedy Divine

Weighing House

Light as a Hummer: Associations on Comedy, Contra-Gravity, and the World Turned Upside Down

Why Did Garfield Jump?


I’m not Laughing

Funny Peculiar: An Interview

The Mechanics of Humor in the Garages of Humor: How A Belabored Metaphor in a Title Can Peter Out Before the Piece Even Begins

Some Thoughts on a Poem by James Tate


special feature:
Quintessences: Five Prose Works in Progress

Patricia Candaux

Elena Alexander

Rachel Pollack

Mark Scarbrough

Gioia Timpanelli

from A Feast of Fat Things, a novel

from Blood Prayers, Sanguinary Blessings, an ideonarrative

from The Voice of Painted Wings, a novel

from Till Sex Do Us Part, a memoir

from Migrations, a novel

   poetry and fiction:

Becka Mara Mckay

John Schertzer

Claudia Keelan

Rosmarie Waldrop

Sarah Davis

Jeff Baker

Peter Henry

John Olson

Sarah Riggs

Christina Mengert

Michael Dumanis

James Magorian

John Poch

Susan Goslee

Shane McCrae

Raymond McDaniel

Cole Swensen

John Greenman

Linh Dinh

Oni Buchanan

Susan Tepper

Andrew Osborn

Arielle Greenberg

Patrick Donnelly

Anne Waldron Neumann

Amy Holman

Catherine Wagner

Timothy Liu

Linda Button

James Tate

Pattie McCarthy Laurel


Daniel Johnson

Robert Gregory

G.C. Waldrep

Julie Carr

Sharon Dolin

Jim Elledge

Catherine Imbriglio

Adam Novy

Lesle Lewis

Ben Miller

Joshua Corey

Shane Book

Julianne Buchsbaum

Susan Maxwell

Janet Kaplan

Shira Dentz

Geoff Bouvier


September Variations

Sun Going Down



Louis vs. Louis

Conversion Piece

Hands Up

Touch, A Brief Botany

Essential Features


Eating With a Souvenir Spoon

Not Reading Plato

Lorenz, K.Z. (1988) Here Am I—Where are You?: The Behavior of The Greylag Goose. New York: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich

House Sparrows


Two Poems

The Cowboy Poet

Eating Fried Chicken

What Animal


Search Engine (Cicada)

Two Poems

Your Own Stone

The Wise Old Woman Who Lived in a Wood  and What Happened to Her Afterwards


Exercise 19 (9/1/01 A.M.)

Last Call

Holler Song

Acute Homesickness

Two Poems

What the Dock Saw

The Forecast Calls for Falling Sheet Metal

The Sky is Down Close

Two Poems

44. How He Stands, Close Enough

Two Poems

Heart Sceleratus


The Israelites

Baudelaire’s Mouth


from Severance Songs

The Ivorian “because because”

The Power Plant

Plural for Tree at the Forested Edge

A Singular Green Cup


A Bee’s Advice




Jean Painlevé

Nina Katchadourian

Jan Baracz

Adam Dant

Rachel Goodwin

Sasha Wizansky