American Letters & Commentary #14: Table of Contents

special feature
Beyond Extremis: Seven Essays on Language and the Imagination

Craig Dworkin

Ann Lauterbach

Eric Darton

Marjorie Perloff

Rosmarie Waldrop

Ulrich Baer

Richard Foreman

Trotsky’s Hammer

After the Fall

The Janus Face of Architectural Terrorism: Minoru Yamasaki, Mohammed Atta and Our World Trade Center

Writing Poetry after 9/11

Nothing to Say and Saying It.

A Crisis of the Imagination: September 11 and Telling the
Stories of Loss

(Art in Continual Bad Times)

Poetry, Fiction and Critical Essays

Dan Beachy-Quick

Aaron McCollough

Rebecca Reynolds

Johannes Göransson

Julia Ward

Jeffrey Levine

Kathleen Ossip

John Gallaher

Carmen Gimenez-

Steve Timm

Harriet Zinnes

Joshua McKinney

Erica Heilman

Corey Mead

Jean-Paul Pecqueur

Dean Young

Elana Zaiman

Christine Hume

Russell Edson

Michael Tyrell

Ethan Paquin

Tim Kahl

Kirsten Kaschock

Sabrina Orah Mark

Lisa Olstein

Eduardo Lago

Kevin McFadden

Deborah Meadows

Carolyn Stoloff

Mark Bibbins

Matthew Miller

Noah Eli Gordon

Robert Mueller

Rachel Loden

Andrew Zawacki

Sheila E. Murphy

Anne Gorrick

Michael Ives

Sally Keith

John Sanford

Xue Di

Mark Yakich

Steve Healey

Nadia Herman

Monica Ferrell

Judith Hall

DA Powell

Lisa Fishman

Mary Ann Samyn

G.E. Patterson

Michael Savitz

Lidia Yuknavitch

Mark Levine

Marjorie Welish

Mark Irwin
Northtrue. Southbright.

This Season

A Backward Oracle

The Last Instrument

Two Poems

Prophet Plant

The Search Engine

A Guidebook to the Wrong Place at the Wrong Time

Two Poems




Ginger goes for a walk in the woods and thinks about God

from Book of Edgar

Matthew Confronts the Very Air

Two Poems


Two Poems

Two Poems

Alias Trespass




Two Poems

A Practical Guide to Self-Hypnosis II


Variations on the Lost Hours of Milton’s Minions

from The Theory of Subjectivity in Moby Dick

Picking up the Threads

from Blasted Fields of Clover Bring Harrowing and
Regretful Sighs

(A Village Journal, 2/12)

Landscape with Cartographer’s Notebook

Trapped Tourist Terrified to Tenderhooks

Two Poems

from Viatica

What a Sweet Strong

147. Features That I Particularly Like

Three Prose Pieces

Song from the Riverbed

The Sacco and Vanzetti Papers

Hidden Lake

Two Poems

Where Spring Is


The King With His Queen


Two Poems

Two Poems

Beneath Speech

Two Poems

The Wings and Things Window


W.G. Sebald: Other Places


Opening the Gates of Gnosis: Bin Ramke’s Airs, Waters, Places


Susan Rabinowitz

Lisa Kokin

Toba Khedoori